Our house is so beautiful. Sunshine and flowers…  #nofilter (at The Cottage)
So I arrived home for Christmas break after six months in Seattle, and surprised my friends at 1 a.m. It was pretty great.
5,000th post! Woot woot! Also, Happy Thanksgiving to all, and to all a good… morning…
I fancy my new sunglasses.
I’ve always wanted glasses. Attractive ones, not the big, circular ones I had in kindergarden.
"We’re graduating and stuff."
Happy Easter everyone!

This is the first CD I’ve ever bought… And it was totally worth it. I almost screamed when I saw it on the shelf at Walmart. I got the last one. ;)

I noticed that Twitter allows you upload .gifs as your profile picture, so naturally I had to make one. It doesn’t work on Tumblr though… Sad day.
I haven’t even left the house yet today…
Guys. I got a bunny! Any name suggestions?